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Clem Chambers was born in Kent, Great Britain. While  working in computer game industry he created lots of computer games.  At the same time he was working on some series of watercolors and ceramics.


In 1980s he did animation of old films such as of Eadweard Muybridge.


In 2003 Clem met a famous French professor Benoit Mandelbrot who developed the new class of mathematical objects: fractal objects or fractals


In 2004 Clem started series of oil painting using a theory of Benoit Mandelbrot.


The first exhibition of “Fractals” took place in London in 2006.


In 2011 Clem had 3 major exhibitions of  “Fractals” in London and South of France.


In 2012 he was invited by National Monegasque Art Committee to exhibit his work in Monaco.


In 2013  “Fractal” paintings was on show in Osaka in Japan.

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